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Positive Net is Facebook for serious people.          

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Positive Net
Positive Net helps connect people with a serious interest in ideas, art, literature, politics, and helps them to escape from a culture where the stupid and the silly reign supreme
1)Go to http://positive.net/question.php to answer 4 quick questions. This is a basic quiz on cultural and other forms of literacy. You must answer these successfully to join the community. 

2)Once you have joined, you'll be asked for a very quick and free registration; you need to supply a valid email and a password. We will not contact you, but you won't be able to contact other Positive.Net members without a valid email address

3)Take a personal preferences survey – just a few minutes – that has no right or wrong answers, but will help us match you with other members of the community that share your interests.

4)You will be provided a list of a few Positive.Net members with whom you may wish to discuss the sort of topics which are covered on Positive.Net. If you wish to add these members as friends you click the "add" button. If not, they will not be added to your friends list. They must then agree to be added to your friends list. If no suggested friends appear now, they may be added as new members join the site.

5)NOT ACTIVE – This is a beta or test version of Positive.Net. Once the site becomes active, you and your selected friends will be sent email notifying you of new discussions, activities, suggestions for books, movies, TV programs, group discussions, and much more.

6)Please give us your feedback on whether you like the idea of Positive.Net, and any suggestions for its development.